What others are saying about the course

Walking Guy really
has become a
pleasurable pastime
rather than a
stressful chore.

Hannah and Guy, German Shepherd Dog

Your excellent, kind, reward training has made such a difference
to Janey and myself
as I have become MUCH less anxious.

Pam and Janey,
Black Labrador


With your help Tilly has developed into a confident, funny, friendly, well-behaved (usually), and loving little dog. Now I have the confidence to tackle matters as they arise.
Susan and Tilly,
Shih Tzu

Can't thank you enough.
I am so happy with Meg’s progress!

Linsey & Meg,
Border Collie


Your dog is pulling your arm out of its socket
and barking and lungeing at every dog he sees

He jumps up at a child and frightens the life out of her (and you).

You shout at him then feel even worse.

You’re afraid to let him off the lead because he won’t come back.
People avoid you and this monster you’re incapable of controlling
- and yet he’s such a lovely dog at home!
But listen!  It’s not your fault!
There is a way to change things right around. You can have


  1. A calm dog who's a pleasure to be with
  2. A dog who can pass people and dogs without a word
  3. A responsive dog who comes when you call
  5. In short, a BRILLIANT FAMILY DOG at home and out

no more of this!

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